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Administrative law

General administrative law comes into play every time an administrative agency of government formulates and makes a decision. It shapes the foundation underpinning several of our most important areas of expertise. Our firm is therefore focused on maintaining our extensive expertise in administrative law.

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Administrative law governs how public bodies process cases and complaints. It states who the parties in a case are and what must be subject to confidentiality. It also sets out requirements for municipalities’ guidance, investigation and justification, prohibition of unfair discrimination, responsibilities, etc. These and numerous other rules can determine whether the public body has made a valid decision or not, and whether a potential error can lead to the decision being repealed and/or reversed.

Throughout our 95-year history, Harris has been heavily involved in municipal and national government activities. As a result, we have built extensive legal and practical expertise in administrative law, and assist both municipalities and the private sector in this area.

We provide consultancy and advise on procedures pertaining to all areas of administrative law, including:

  • Planning and building law
  • Environmental law
  • Health law
  • Social security law
  • Municipal law
  • Competition law
  • Various industry-related regulations, e.g. rules applicable to aquaculture, agriculture, the food industry, etc.