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Harris’s lawyers operating in this sector primarily work with general consultancy on corporate law, company and tax-related legal issues, contract law and transactions.

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We have extensive experience in providing assistance to private individuals, SMEs, larger companies and corporations. We have also acquired considerable experience from assisting on transactions in connection with immovable property transfers, business transfers and reorganisations.

Understanding how the commercial and legal issues interrelate from the preparation stage through to completion, combined with effective case handling, provides cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our lawyers have sound legal expertise, as well as the necessary commercial and industry-specific understanding to provide their clients with sound advice and then deliver on the basis thereof. When needed, we hand-pick a team of individuals with the exact specialist industry expertise required to meet the specific requirements and level of complexity of the case in question.

This sector works on assignments including:

  • Transactions, including selecting a transaction model
  • Commercial real estate
  • Company law
  • Tax law
  • Contract law
  • Insolvency and restructuring
  • Process and dispute resolution
  • Property development
  • Immovable property
  • Succession planning and transfer of control for companies
  • General consultancy on corporate law