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Dispute resolution and litigation

Harris handles hundreds of disputes annually, on behalf of private individuals, companies or the public sector.

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Our first priority is always to attempt to resolve the dispute out of court. This requires that we focus both on the way we handle the dispute and on the possible solutions.

Some disputes are nevertheless so complex that a court case cannot be avoided. In such cases, it is paramount that we handle the court case in the best way possible. This involves our attorneys evaluating whether a case is suitable for mediation in court, instead of pursuing a legal judgment.

Harris attorneys have extensive experience in dispute resolution and litigation. Some of them have worked as judges in district courts and appellate courts, which has boosted their understanding of how a case should be conducted. Harris can offer some of Norway’s best litigation attorneys in our legal fields. Sound professional knowledge combined with strong expertise in litigation ensure the best results for our clients.

Our attorneys have acquired extensive litigation experience from Norwegian and international courts. This includes district courts, appellate courts and the Supreme Court of Norway, land consolidation courts and county social welfare boards, as well as the EFTA Court and the Court of the International Chamber of Commerce. Our attorneys are litigation attorneys for the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA) and have been consultants for the Court of the ICC. Six of our attorneys have been admitted to practise law before the Supreme Court of Norway. In cases dealing with international matters, we receive support through our international network, The Global Law Group.