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Insolvency and restructuring

Harris has experience in assisting various parties when a company comes into financial difficulties or enters into liquidation. We assist the company’s management, creditors, lenders, borrowers and employees in negotiations on company restructuring, debt negotiation, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Contact persons

Harris has experience in, and systems for, solving major challenges. Based on requirements, we put together a team that may include specialists from different legal fields.

Among other things, we assist with:

  • Review of the company’s situation and evaluation of the available options, including liquidation and bankruptcy.
  • Evaluation of the Board’s responsibilities and obligations
  • Issues concerning equity and loan transactions
  • Safeguarding creditors’ interests
  • Monetary claims and recovery
  • Legal issues surrounding mortgages and pledges
  • Employees’ positions in the absence of salary payments, employers’ liquidation proceedings, salary guarantees, etc.
  • Litigation in the event of disputes about Board liability or demand for a debtor’s preferences to be set aside
  • Administration of bankruptcy assets



Hvordan vurdere forsvarlig egenkapital og likviditet?

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