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Labour, employment and benefits

Employment law is an area that involves extensive legislation, where discretionary judgement wrestles between commercial and human interests. The employer seeks to protect its need for flexibility, while the rights of the employee are best protected by establishing good personnel systems and routines. Informed and effective personnel management can help avoid or reduce conflicts.

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Unfortunate choices in relation to personnel management can lead to significant burdens for both the employer and the employee. In our experience, conflicts and costly processes can be avoided if you seek legal advice early on.

Harris Law Firm provides consultancy and assists in the management of disputes in relation to all relevant issues pertaining to both individual and collective employment law.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and expertise in providing assistance in all aspects of employment law. We support both private- and public-sector employers of all sizes, as well as employees.

We regularly handle – and have broad experience in – litigation proceedings before the courts involving labour law issues. Several of our attorneys have also litigated labour law issues before the Supreme Court of Norway.

Our lawyers have also taught labour law subjects in various capacities.

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