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Planning and building law

A landowner has the right to obtain a building permit if the proposed project conforms to the applicable planning regulations. The labyrinth of potential restrictions associated with planning and building cases has grown exponentially over the years, however. When does a municipality have sufficient legal grounds to reject a proposed building project?

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Since our inception in 1924, Harris has striven to develop exceptional expertise in planning and building law, and this is now one of our key specialist areas.

We work on a wide range of cases. We serve consultants, builders, property developers and municipalities at all stages of the process, in planning and building cases of all sizes.

Examples of our work include: assessing the potential for developing an area/piece of land, consulting on the preparation of area development plans, evaluating permit requirements and other potential barriers to a building project, performing quality control of building permit applications, preparing applications for dispensation, and submitting appeals against rejected planning and building applications. We also assist neighbours who are critical of plans to build on neighbouring land. Through our work with both neighbours and builders, we have acquired extensive insight and understanding of the various challenges facing planning and building cases.

In our experience, casting a critical eye over the legal matters pertaining to planning and building projects early on is important, as it helps avoid unnecessary obstacles at a later stage of the process. Maintaining a good understanding of the comprehensive planning and building regulations, standard industry practices and practices of the various municipalities and agencies is also important for being able to determine the best way forward in each particular case.

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