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Property development

Harris has consulted on immovable property in Western Norway for 95 years, and today offers a full-service law office manned by over 40 attorneys who cover all aspects of immovable property. We also have vast industry knowledge within property development. Coupled with our strong legal foundation, this helps ensure that we deliver a reliable and effective performance.

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Harris Law Firm as cooperation partner

Our combination of high-level competencies in these fields of expertise creates added value for our clients in all phases, from raw land to completed building projects. Our clients include landowners, facilitators, property developers and builders – both private and corporate. We also help to establish contact with and formalise cooperation between various stakeholders in a property project, in order to optimise its implementation. To this end, we have specialist expertise in planning and building law, drafting of contracts and consultancy on taxation/levies.

General landowner assistance remains one of our key focus areas, and we have many experienced partners and in-house lawyers who work exclusively in this area.

We offer the following legal assistance in connection with property development:

  • Identification of interesting business and residential property projects
  • Clarification of the legal status/encumbrances/rights to the property
  • Resolution of property law issues
  • Structuring/organisation with a particular focus on risk and taxation/levies
  • Identification of correct cooperation models
  • Risk/return
  • Planning and building law, including consulting on contact with planning and building authorities
  • Municipal construction contracts
  • Appeals – neighbour/County Governor/Parliamentary Ombudsman
  • Negotiations
  • Valuation/market assessment of development property based on experience
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Buying/selling
  • Expropriation
  • Construction
  • Concept development
  • Selecting the right cooperation partners
  • Business management
  • Court proceedings

Contact our associated lawyers for more information on why Harris Law Firm is the right partner to represent your interests.

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