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Property law

For over 90 years now, Harris has been heavily involved – both geographically and professionally – in property law throughout Western Norway. Learn more about how we can help you in this area.

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Property law has become increasingly regulated, but this has not reduced the need for legal guidance. More and more disputes end up requiring resolution through the court system.

Substantial and ongoing changes in the law (and associated case law) have occurred – and continue to occur – particularly in relation to allodial titles and concession rights, as well as ground leases. Our lawyers in this field always keep themselves apprised of the latest developments.

The team working in this area consists of lawyers who are linked to our immovable property specialist area and they all have broad expertise in this field.

We advise on and assist with litigation in the following areas:

  • Ownership rights and limited rights to property, such as boundaries, joint ownership, easements and ground leases
  • Licences
  • Division of property
  • Allodial and qualified allodial rights
  • Contamination/pollution
  • Extraction of minerals and deposits
  • Development of power plants of all sizes, with a particular focus on clarifying rights to relevant waterfalls
  • Development of wind power plants, with a particular focus on clarifying rights to the land