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Real estate services

Harris has considerable expertise and broad experience in all types of property transfers, including real estate services. We focus on ensuring that all parties in the deal are properly safeguarded and reassured throughout the process of completing the transfer and sale.

Contact persons

We can assist with the entire sales process (gathering information, preparing the sales prospectus, advertising, obtaining offers, etc.) or simply manage the sale after the parties have found one another.

We serve both private and commercial owners.

For private clients, we can assist with change of ownership insurance.

Relevant property transfers/transactions:

  • Homes, holiday homes, owner-tenant sections, shares in private cooperative properties and joint-ownership apartments
  • Commercial real estate/property
  • Property company/Limited liability company
  • Development projects
  • Redemption/transfer of leasehold sites

Many people think that you need to engage a real estate agent in order to sell a property. The reality is that you can easily sell your home yourself and thus save substantial costs. Learn more about this here.

Harris offers property sales management for a fixed rate for private sellers anddevelopers (project-based settlement).